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Throughout 2022, Digital 24 lead a strategy to drive high-value B2B leads (valued at an initial onboarding of £250k per lead, not including LTV) for a UK-based SaaS using LinkedIn ads.

For this client, we used LinkedIn primarily to raise awareness and drive new leads for the SaaS brand amongst businesses across mainland UK and selected European territories including France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Before starting the campaign, discussions between the client and Digital 24 took place to ensure we fully understood the KPIs and target markets. Taking this on board, a funnel for testing and activity was created and approved by the client.

Getting started on the ads themselves, the Digital 24 team built a funnel which included a mixture of feed awareness campaigns, feed conversion-based campaigns and InMail campaigns to trial performance of each alongside testing of audience segmentation levels and message segmentation (e.g. targeting at a company-level or industry-wide level and tailoring messages at each stage). 

Content itself was also an area for testing as we began a new strategic phase for the client. Variations of content and KPI included: 

  1. Driving users to blog content
  2. Driving users to gated downloadable content
  3. Driving users to lead forms
  4. Driving users direct to product

In total, campaigns spent approximately £76k throughout 2022 and achieved:

1.1m impressions

14.1k clicks with a 1.25% CTR

18.8k engagements

136% increase in demo requests

Digital 24 ensured performance of campaigns were fully trackable, using both on-platform tracking (setting up conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager), as well as Google Analytics (ensuring all ads were tagged with UTMs and tracked via customised Default Channel Grouping). 

Our findings concluded key audiences and content mixes bespoke to the client that were proven to deliver most efficient results at each stage of our funnel from Prospecting to Retargeting. 

For these campaigns, the client experienced a 349% increase in traffic from LinkedIn ads versus the previous period with a low bounce rate of just 16% (-52% from the previous period), indicating the quality of the traffic was high.

Meghan Semple

Meghan Semple

I'm Digital 24's Performance Marketing Director. My bread and butter's in advertising on channels like Facebook and Google as well as others like TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn... However, I'm quite a data-driven person and love chatting all-things tracking, analytics and even some SEO!