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How to run Facebook & Instagram Adverts that work (FREE)

How to run Facebook & Instagram Adverts that work!

Niamh Taylor of Digital 24 will show you how to run Facebook and Instagram Adverts that generate more leads, enquiries and sales. 

⚠️ Niamh will tell you to STOP Clicking the BOOST Button ❌

This is the most simple change you can make to revolutionise your ads performance. 

You see, Facebook is actually very smart . 

It knows who’s most likely to click on your ad, to like your ad, to share it, even to BUY from it. 

And if you tell it what you want, it’ll OPTIMISE your ads to show them to the people you want. 

Now for most of us, that would be people who are most likely to BUY or at least become a LEAD. 

But here’s the issue… 

…when you click Boost what you’re telling Facebook is to show your ad to the people who are most likely to ENGAGE with your ad – in other words, people who will LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. 

You can’t pay the bills with Facebook Likes! This will not work. 

The Boost button has one job, to get you the most engagement on your ‘ad’ so you feel like it’s worked. 

What you want to do is NOT click Boost – but instead, build a ‘proper’ ad using the Facebook Ads Manager.

It’s still simple to do (once you know how) and will make your ads way more successful. 

Digital 24 have HUGE success right now running ads. Niamh will show you some small tweaks you should make so that your next campaign will be successful. 

This free FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ADS workshop is on Monday 29th April 2019 from 6pm until 9pm in Omagh Enterprise. Free pizza and soft drinks will be served. 

➡️ The 2019 Foolproof Facebook Ads Formula ⬅️

How To Start Flooding Your Business With Leads, Sales and Enquiries Using Facebook Ads. 

This will be a high energy 3 hour training session with Niamh who is going to share the strategies and tactics you can use to create Facebook and Instagram adverts that actually work using her proven and tested techniques. 

Register today as spaces are strictly limited. 








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