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10 Things Your Website Needs to Increase Sales

With a world that is moving quickly, in all senses of the word, people want to have things instantly. We choose food that can be quick to make or quick to grab and because of the technology that is literally at our fingertips, we want instant communication with people and can get impatient when it isn’t that way; who leaves voicemails these days anyway? 

The same thing around speed and something being instantaneous works for a website too. From a website that doesn’t load quick enough to a social media post that doesn’t upload instantly, we lose our patience and just click off. If you want to improve your sales from your website, then you need to make sure that your site is up to scratch and can handle the fast-paced world that we live in.

Of course there are never instant fixes to this kind of thing. If you’re going to put some time and effort in to increase website sales, then you want to make sure that you do it in the right way, and in the way that will actually make a difference. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to help your website, in order to increase sales, that can happen nearly instantly.

We at Digital 24 know about conversion optimisation, digital marketing, and blog content, which are all aspects of increasing website sales. So, we are in a great position to share some of our expertise with you in order to help. If you can increase conversion, then as a result you will increase sales. Some strategies with digital marketing are not instant and can take some time to see the work pay off. That still means that they are worth it, though!

Here are ten of the ways that you can help your website, help your business, and increase sales, quite quickly. Put in some effort today, and then you can let it do all of the work for you.

1. Don’t Overwhelm Your Website Visitors

It might come as a bit of a surprise that you should keep your home page quite simple. It can be tempting to fill it up with offers and deals, as well as plenty of calls to action, but that can actually put people off. What works better is if you offer less on the home page but have text to let website visitors know something specific, can actually help to increase sales in the long run, and it is a must for an improved user interface (UI). The reason why this works better, rather than bombarding them with information, is that it means that your business can hone in on one or two areas or products and address any questions around those. Even if you offer a hundred other things, don’t overwhelm your site visitors by having everything that has ever happened with your business all on the first page.

Having a couple of calls to action can work well but don’t inundate site visitors with pop-ups and calls to action all over the home page. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t create a positive user experience (UX).

2. Add Videos to Conversion Pages

With so many of your website visitors wanting something instantly, video can be a really good way to do just that. Written content is great and definitely has its place, but when you add videos to some of one of your top landing pages, then it can help to increase conversions by quite a bit. In fact, there are studies that have found that video content can help to improve conversions by over 85%. It loads quickly, gets the information across quickly and for visual people that are just browsing, it will help them to get the information much more quickly than they would if they were reading just a blog post. So videos can be a great resource to have alongside written content, or instead of for a much improved UX.

3. Be Creative to Capture Email Addresses

Email marketing, another aspect that we at Digital 24 have expertise in, is something that still has its place in today’s busy world. When you look at digital marketing strategies, it is still up there as one of the best and one that still gets a good return on our investment. But of course, using this strategy isn’t going to be possible unless you have a way to capture email addresses.

It is best to be as creative as you can when you think about capturing email addresses, as it can really pay off. When you have their details, it means a much higher chance that they are likely to return when you send out information through your email marketing campaigns. A good way that can work well is to offer your potential customer something. If you offer them a discount or something to download, then it gives them an incentive to share their email address with you.

4. Share Testimonials or Case Studies

Although so much of our lives is online, it is hard for some to trust what they are seeing online, and as a result, social proof is needed. There are a variety of ways that you can share any customer reviews, testimonials, or case studies, and it will depend what your business is as to what you do. Having up your Google reviews or a link to Trustpilot reviews, as well as quotes from previous customers or clients can help to convince someone clicking on your website that they should choose you.

5. Create Content That Targets Ideal Customers

When it comes to websites, content is still king, and creating some quality content is a great way to increase the traffic to your website, as well as helping conversions. It is important, though, to spend some time looking at different segments in the market, to create content around that and to attract the website visitors that you really want. When you write content that is specific to a particular market, then you will attract users to your site who may not ordinarily click on your site, but who could really use your site. You can become an expert in the industry when you share relevant and specific content and then website visitors are more likely to return.

6. Use Upselling

If you had a brick and mortar store, how often would you have someone in that store out selling or trying to have a customer add something else once at the till? Like you would in a store, you can also do the same with an online store. Upselling is all about getting a customer to upgrade what they have already chosen. Upselling can be really effective and can be more effective than the method of cross-selling, where it is about customers adding extra things (though it still has a place). You could do this with an offer, or a discount on a larger item, or a discount when they subscribe to a subscription service, rather than just buying something as a one-off.

7. Explain Value on Landing Pages

When a visitor clicks on your site or your landing page, then they need to know what you are offering them. For a positive UX, having a couple of sentences on each page that describes what you have on offer or promoting something in particular, can help.

If you want to get good conversion from your landing pages, then the value proposition that you have should include how what you sell or do can help to solve a particular problem. The value proposition should also talk about the benefits that your specific product can offer, especially compared to others. You should also think about including the reasons why they should look to buy from you, or use you for something specific, instead of going to a competitor. Keep it short and sweet and keep it to the point.

8. Install Live Chat

Remember what we were saying earlier about people looking for things instantly? That is the case when they are on your site, and the case if they have a question to ask you. Installing a live chat feature is a great way to increase the sales on your website. It helps customers to get quick answers to their questions and helps them to then buy. If they know they must call or email for a specific answer, how many people will bother, and then how many people will come back to complete a purchase? Even if you have a contact form on your site, a live chat option is much better, because as we were saying, it has that instant feature.

Unless you are a teeny-tiny business that doesn’t have the capacity to man a website during certain hours, then pretty much all other businesses are likely to make this work and see the benefit of it. The added benefit is that you can capture email addresses from a live chat feature too, so it is definitely worth looking into.

9. Address Objections

There is a really great way to improve how good your website is for user experience and that is to look at and address any objections that may not have an answer with what you already have set up. You want to get new customers, which can be difficult, so addressing things right upfront is an honest approach to have, rather than just trying to keep up with your competitors.

It can take some time and may require some outside assistance for someone impartial to look at your site. Look at what kind of hesitations your customers may have, from what information is available on the site at the moment. Just because you know where to find the answers, you can’t just presume that everyone knows their way around the site like you do. When you can give solutions to things, it can help to increase conversions because people won’t have their initial hesitations, and it will also make for a much more user-friendly experience on the website.

10. Perform AB testing

A lot of strategies that you will initially look at for your digital marketing and conversions, are all around sales. But there is another aspect to think about that can make a difference, and that is to look at AB testing, in order to help the conversion rate of landing pages. You can find out what will work best for your site, your customers, and your business through this testing.

Some of the things that you could try are:

  • Changing something as simple as the words that you use in a call to action button can make a difference. It can be something simple to test, but it could make a difference to your conversion rate.
  • The titles or headlines that you use on some of your landing pages that get a lot of traffic can be interesting to look at. Although they will already get a lot of traffic, you could get even more if you use different words and make different titles.
  • For many businesses, stock images are a saviour on websites, especially in the early days. But over time, they can look dated, as well as impersonal, especially if customers are seeing the same images used all over the internet. So instead, look to replace any stock images over time, with some images of your business or of the team.
  • Having a contact page is a must on the website (as well as the live tool: see above point), but it can be helpful to test out what you do on your contact page. Offering different fields in a contact form, for example, can go a long way to having an effective result. People don’t want to give away too much information, so either don’t make it all mandatory, or keep the information required to a minimum.

For more help, please feel free to get in contact with us at Digital 24 today. We can help you to move your digital marketing to the next level.

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