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Get your questions about our digital marketing agency services answered

General FAQs

We’ll never ask for our clients to sign a contract with us. That’s what makes us different. Being tied into a contract with an advertising and digital marketing agency can mean you’re obliged to spend money until your contract allows you to stop, even if it’s not a good time for you. The world of Digital Marketing moves fast and sometimes this just isn’t feasible.

Likewise, if we don’t think a channel is going to work for you, we’re not keen on wasting your money. This is why we want to make sure our clients stay empowered by not requiring a contract to work with us.

We do! Digital 24 is currently developing something very exciting in regards to upskilling the next generation of Digital Marketers and those seeking to gain more knowledge in the area… Contact us if you’d like more details!

We offer a range of services from two segments – organic digital marketing and paid digital marketing (sometimes referred to as performance marketing). 

For organic digial marketing services, we can offer to manage your organic social media channels including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and more. As well as this, we can plan and develop content for your social channels on a monthly or quarterly basis – depending on your needs. 

Another element of organic digital marketing offered by Digital 24 is SEO. With SEO, we can offer either technical SEO management and monthly auditing and/or content SEO, where we will plan and develop SEO-driven content for your website.

We also offer digital advertising (paid digital marketing). We can run ads for across platforms like Google ads (PPC), Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads and more! If you’re not sure what channels to pick, our friendly team of specialists are always keen to analyse your market, audience and position to advise on where your budget would fit best. 

Although all team members have experience in all areas of digital marketing, all of the above services are managed by specialists – meaning we have a team of marketers whose daily work is dedicated to either advertising, organic or content. This means they’ll be exceptionally skilled at what they do!

All of our services come with monthly reporting from our agency software. Within these reports, your dedicated digital marketer will write a summary of your month including progress towards KPIs, what they did during the month and what they plan to do for the next month. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to your digital marketer whenever you need them (during 9-5 of course!)


Advertising (PPC & paid social) FAQs

Organic social media is a form of social activity, like posting content on your Instagram feed or story, that doesn’t involve paid promotion. 

Paid social media or PPC (pay per click) channels like Google ads (search advertising) is putting spend behind your message and actively choosing target markets that you want to see your message and running these in campaigns. The core purpose of advertising is to drive high quality traffic towards a goal, whether that be to make a sale or become a lead – or even simply to drive awareness. 

When it comes to the likes of Facebook ads (Facebook & Instagram) as well as TikTok ads, you won’t see the ads as posts on your feed. Bear this in mind, as paid social media is not interchangeable or a replacement for organic management.  

Always! We’re big believers in empowering our clients and we hate the idea of locking you out of your own channels. We’ll always run ads in accounts that you can gain access to so you can see results for yourself at any time.

Results vary massively across different businesses depending on business size, customer size, business age, brand development, budget and more. There’s no one-size-fits-all estimate of your return. However, when we’re onboarding new clients we like to get an understanding of your cost of selling so that we can set targets for ourselves for maximum profitability. 

We aren’t just data-driven, we’re also creative. Yes, we can create your ad creative if this isn’t something you have the ability to do in-house. Just chat to our team and we’ll see what we can do!

Ad strategy can take between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the size and length of the campaigns. We’ll make your aware ahead of time how much time we estimate your strategy will take and keep you informed as we go!

Organic social media FAQs

The answer is yes. We’ve worked with clients who don’t have any presence on social media. After conducting some initial research, we will recommend platforms that we feel you need to be present on. From there, our Social Media & Content team can set up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn page for your business. 

Influencer marketing is fantastic for brand awareness. If you are launching a new product, service or a new business for instance, influencers can help spread the word to their loyal following. Digital 24 has great relationships with influencers across Ireland and we would be happy to recommend influencers that would align with your business goals. 

TikTok is a fantastic platform for brand awareness and conversions if you are on TikTok Shop. Digital 24 are experienced in creating video content on TikTok for various industries and can help you create a TikTok marketing strategy that works. We can help discover all of the latest trends, audio clips, hashtags that can help get your video the views you want for your business. 

Our Social Media & Content team can handle everything from copywriting to short form social media video content. Content is such a broad topic that it encompasses any type of output shared by businesses to help customers learn about their products and services. 

When it comes to content creation, the defining factor is that it must meet both business objectives and speak to your audience in an engaging manner. Nothing makes our content experts happier than assisting clients in creating captivating content in any format. From the initial research phase to the final sign-off, we can arrange monthly or quarterly content creation sessions for your business which gives your social media fresh, engaging and relevant content that will perform.

Yes you can. Our Social Media & Content team will send a monthly content calendar to your contact of choice for approval before scheduling. 

We love receiving fresh content from clients, so we can share new content with your following. Our Social Media & Content team can set up a group chat so you can send us regular content for us to schedule on social media. 

SEO & blogging FAQs

Digital 24 understands the importance of fresh content for your website. Fresh content can help drive traffic to your site, help your site rank for more keywords, and rank higher on search engine results pages (aka better SEO). We can offer SEO audits which will make recommendations for your website, and blog writing services that can help with keyword performance on Google. 

Digital 24 can write and upload blog content to your website. As long as we have the logins to your website, we can upload blogs ensuring SEO is front of mind.