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Are you ready to say goodbye to LinkedIn’s messaging ads?

LinkedIn is making some major changes to its advertising platform next month. On 19th June 2023, LinkedIn will bid farewell to ‘messaging’ ads and introduce ‘conversation ads’ as a replacement advertising format. The new conversation ads will be much more engaging than messaging ads and lead to more valuable conversions. This transition promises a host of increased benefits for marketers, providing a more interactive and engaging way to connect with their target audience. In this blog we have detailed some of the exciting ways in which this transition will help improve your LinkedIn advertising.

Evolving from Messaging Ads to Conversation Ads

LinkedIn’s decision to sunset messaging ads stems from the desire to enhance the user experience by fostering more meaningful conversations. While messaging ads allowed businesses to directly reach LinkedIn members through their inbox, conversation ads take this interaction to a whole new level. Instead of a one-way message, conversation ads encourage two-way dialogue, creating a more engaging and personalised experience. This shift should help to remove the stigma that comes with sponsored messages being irrelevant and frankly annoying.

Increased engagement and interaction

One of the increased advantages of conversation ads is the higher level of engagement they offer. By utilising a chat-like format, advertisers can prompt users with multiple-choice questions or message options, encouraging active participation. This interactivity creates a sense of involvement, capturing the attention of users and increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions. Advertisers can personalise the conversation based on user responses, leading to more engaging and relevant interactions. This makes the ad copy that you use all the more important.

LinkedIn Messaging ads

Enhanced personalisation and targeting

Conversation ads allow for greater personalisation by tailoring messages based on user responses. Advertisers can create branching paths within the conversation, delivering customised content that resonates with each individual. This level of personalisation enhances the relevance of the ads and improves the overall user experience, resulting in higher conversion rates. A win-win for both the user and the advertiser! 

LinkedIn Conversation ads

Collecting valuable insights

With Conversation ads, advertisers gain access to valuable insights and data about their target audience. Through user responses and interactions within the conversation, marketers can gather information that can inform future campaigns, refine their targeting strategies, and improve their overall marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

Generating qualified leads

The interactive nature of Conversation ads enables businesses to qualify leads more effectively. By engaging in a conversation, advertisers can identify users who express a genuine interest in their products or services. This allows for more precise lead nurturing and ultimately increases the chances of conversion, delivering a higher return on investment.

Conversation ads example

Seamless mobile experience

LinkedIn’s conversation ads are designed to provide a seamless experience across mobile devices. With the increasing usage of mobile for professional networking, this ensures that advertisers can effectively reach and engage their target audience, regardless of the device they are using.

As LinkedIn bids farewell to messaging ads and welcomes conversation ads, marketers have an exciting opportunity to take their advertising strategies to the next level. The transition to Conversation ads offers increased engagement, personalised interactions, valuable insights, and improved lead generation. By embracing this new format, businesses can unlock the potential of LinkedIn’s vast professional network and connect with their audience in a more meaningful and effective way. Get ready to harness the power of Conversation ads and elevate your LinkedIn advertising game next month! Digital 24 can help you create effective conversation ads that drive results on LinkedIn, to find out more about how we can help, get in touch.

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