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Stable Lane

How a local Fashion Boutique achieved a ROAS of 15x and grew their marketing list by 90.49% using Facebook ads

Who is Stable Lane?

Founded by mother and daughter duo Barbara and Jayne Allison (nee Gilmore), Stable Lane Boutique launched in 2017 as a local, affordable women’s fashion boutique. Stable Lane Boutique wanted to bring a fresh approach to ladies fashion by offering people in the local area the latest trends in women’s fashion with an inventory of unique clothes by vibrant designers around the world.

What was the struggle?

Since the boutique first opened up in 2017 the business has been booming locally. The boutique had a strong local presence with most of their customers coming from Coleraine or neighbouring towns and areas. Jayne knew the quality and variety of Stable Lane Boutique’s clothing was unique and offered real value to the women of the UK and Ireland.

To help the company enter the online environment, Stable Lane Boutique wanted a full end-to-end Digital Marketing service, predominantly availing of Facebook ads and email marketing advertising and other advertising such as website improvements, user experience and SEO.

With the ever changing online advertising environment, it can be difficult for small business owners to navigate the variety of platforms on offer to them and keep up with the constant changes, particularly post iOS 14.5, as well the day-to-day running of a fashion boutique. In
2021, Stable Lane Boutique approached Digital 24 to fulfill their digital marketing needs.

To approach Facebook ads cautiously, Stable Lane wanted to begin running ads with a small budget in their first month. Here are the results

Introducing a ROAS-driven Facebook ads strategy

Prospecting audiences

Digital 24 conducted market and competitor research to find a range of audiences to begin testing with. The target audience was generated from an analysis of prior audiences and an understanding of Facebook’s targeting potential. Digital 24 tested a range of audience groups and used the current highest-performing strategies to find the best fit audience for Stable Lane.

From there, we focused on several campaigns with different objectives and used best practices to build out engaging ads that would entice our potential audience. We divided our budget between the campaigns as per best practices.

In one month, Digital 24 was able to deliver a far above-benchmark return on ad spend (“ROAS”) for Stable Lane Boutique of 15x (for every £1 they spent, they received £15 in returns) during a time that Meta was reporting a 5x ROAS was far above the average. This meant the business was able to achieve ads that were delivering high profitability for the company.

In the first month that the ads ran, with a small budget, orders increased by approximately 20% for Stable Lane.

Screenshot of Stable Lane

Re-targeting post-iOS

Digital 24 is highly respected for being up-to-date in all areas of social media advertising. Many businesses through 2021 have been heavily affected by Facebook ads changes caused by iOS 14.5 (in case you’re unsure, we explain the Apple iOS 14.5 update and its effects on Facebook advertisers here). The difficulty for businesses who have little to no experience on Facebook ads is trying to navigate a platform that changes so frequently.

As part of the update Apple introduced an opt-out prompt for all data-tracking apps. This means that Facebook cannot fully attribute the activity of anyone who opts out of tracking, to your ads performance. The implications are then detrimental to re-targeting audiences, if you do not have access to your full audience because they may have opted out of tracking.

To navigate these changes for Stable Lane Boutique, Digital 24 utilised on-Facebook engagement alongside website pixel engagement to feature a variety of retargeting audiences, and minimise the impact of iOS 14.5. Digital 24 managed to achieve success for Stable Lane Boutique through retargeting, delivering a 10x ROAS.

Facebook ads key stats

Approximately 20,000 users reached

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6.29% average click through rate

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15x return on ad spend

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20% increase in orders with low budget

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Growth in email marketing list size

A core objective of Digital 24’s was to grow Stable Lane’s email marketing list to give the business more collateral for selling at a low cost moving forward. This was integrated into Digital 24’s overall eCommerce funnel strategy for Stable Lane. For email marketing, new users being added to an email list is key.

In one month, we grew this list to over 2,000 subscribers and the list still continues to grow. Out of the total users who signed up to the email list in one month, 3% of users placed orders within the first month.


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Increase in brochure requests

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Increase in design appointment requests

What Jane from Stable Lane Had To Say

Jayne, Owner & Founder of Stable Lane states, “Working with Digital 24 has been a massive eye opener for me and the business. I couldn’t believe the reach we would have from using Facebook Ads especially. My knowledge from working with Digital 24 has increased massively in terms of digital marketing and I fully intend to explore this further. You have reached new markets for Stable Lane and we have gained customers that have since purchased several times since opting into our email marketing campaign. I couldn’t recommend you and Digital 24 enough- you are a total pro in your field!”

How to work with Digital 24

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we could help your business supercharge your sales – chat to one of our friendly specialists now. Please note, we have a waiting list of brands looking to work with Digital 24. If we have limited availability, we will be able to add you to our list.