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Twitter’s rebrand: Exploring X’s algorithm updates & why you should embrace X

In the ever-evolving world of social media, platforms are in a constant race to stay relevant, engaging, and profitable. X has recently undergone significant algorithmic changes, making it a hot topic of discussion among marketers and businesses. This blog delves into these changes and explores why businesses should give X another chance.

The Emphasis on RepliesThe Emphasis on Replies

One of the most notable changes in X’s algorithm is the heightened focus on replies. According to recent updates, X is amplifying replies to posts, giving them more exposure than even retweets in the primary “For You” feed. But why this sudden shift?

Replies form a crucial part of X’s ad revenue share strategy. When users engage in a conversation by replying, it creates an opportunity for X to display ads in the reply stream. Creators, in turn, get a share of the revenue from these ads. By prioritising replies, X aims to display more eligible ads, thereby increasing its ad revenue. The underlying hope is that by showcasing more replies, it will encourage even more people to join the conversation, further expanding the potential for ad display.

From a business perspective, this change can be a double-edged sword. On the positive side, it can spark more conversations around a brand or product, increasing its visibility. However, there’s also a risk of users seeing conversations they’re not particularly interested in, which could lead to feed saturation. Moreover, the emphasis on replies might incentivise engagement bait posts, which might not always result in meaningful interactions.

The Push for Video Content

The Push for Video Content

Video content has been the darling of the digital world for a while now, and X is no exception to this trend. The platform is now putting a significant emphasis on video content. The familiar “You might like” tag is set to transition to “Popular videos”, indicating a clear shift in content preference.

This change is part of X’s broader strategy to encourage users to consume more video content within the app. The endgame? Monetisation through ads, leading to increased revenue share options for video creators. Elon Musk, a significant influencer in the X community, has expressed his desire for X to compete with giants like YouTube. With the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, who boasts extensive experience in selling ads against video content, this vision seems more achievable than ever. The debut of Tucker Carlson’s exclusive show on X is a testament to the platform’s commitment to this video-centric approach.

For businesses, this presents a golden opportunity. With X actively promoting video content, brands can leverage this to reach a wider audience, tell compelling stories, and engage users in a format that’s known for its high retention rates.

Spotlight on Subscription Content

In a move to support creators and offer users more premium content, X is now highlighting creators who have subscriptions activated. This means that posts and updates from these creators will have a more dominant presence in X feeds. It’s a clear nod to the growing trend of content monetisation and the platform’s commitment to rewarding quality content.

Businesses can capitalise on this by offering exclusive content to their subscribers, fostering loyalty and ensuring a steady revenue stream.

Why Should Businesses Give X Another Go?

Given these algorithmic changes, it’s evident that X is not just another social media platform; it’s evolving into a dynamic space that values engagement, quality content, and creator-business collaboration.

Engagement Opportunities

With the emphasis on replies, businesses have a chance to engage with their audience in real-time, answer queries, and build a community.

Video Content Advantage

The push for video content allows brands to showcase their products and services in an engaging format, potentially reaching a vast audience.

Monetisation and Loyalty

The spotlight on subscription content offers businesses a chance to monetise their content and build a loyal subscriber base.

In conclusion, while X has had its ups and downs, its recent algorithmic changes signal a promising direction. For businesses looking to stay ahead in the digital landscape, now might be the perfect time to revisit X and harness its potential to the fullest.

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