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Facebook Ad Issues – Important Information

Major issues with your Facebook ads recently?

Ad accounts shut down completely. Ads running for months, suddenly rejected. More ads disapproved than ever. You’re not alone! Three things to know:

1. On Friday 6th November there was a system wide technical issue causing ad accounts to be shut down, ads to be rejected and delivery of ads to stop. Facebook has now resolved all known issues. (See below for the status link).

2. As you likely know, due to election week, Facebook ads are being much more rigorously checked than ever.

3. In about 99.99% of issues (deactivations, rejections/disapprovals), this is all done by AI on the first pass. It’s vital that you use the *appeal* process to escalate your case and get to a real human (hopefully for proper support!!).

✅ Definitely save this very helpful URL to check on the overall status of Facebook Ads Manager at any time:

If your Facebook Ad Account is still disabled, here is some helpful additional information and steps you can take:

a) If you think your ad account was disabled by mistake, and that it follows Facebook’s policies, let them know here:

b) If you were notified that your ad account was flagged for unusual activity, you can contact Facebook using this form: (You must be an admin on the ad account you want to appeal.)

c) You can also go to your Ads Manager and follow the instructions in the red box at the top of the page.

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