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Facebook changes terms of service: So what does it mean

Facebook has announced changes to its Terms of Service that will allow it to soon assume more authority to remove content or restrict access if the company thinks it is necessary to avoid legal or regulatory impact. It will come into effect on October 1.

Users of Facebook’s app have started receiving notifications regarding a change to its Terms of Service which states:

Facebook Changes Effective 1st October 2020 Digital 24
Facebook Changes Coming On 1st October 2020

We recommend you take a good read through the preview; it goes into a lot of detail about the changes. It includes agreements about who can and can’t use Facebook and the things that you are and aren’t allowed to do on the platform. It also states Account suspension or termination. One of Facebook’s own legal problems spelled out in unequivocal terms. It is all particularly relevant if you work with social media or use Facebook for business on a daily basis.

As usual Facebook are being very vague on what exactly they are doing here, and why. But it seems reasonable to think that it gives Facebook the room to censor content on the platform and the freedom to remove any content from its platform shared by its users that can get the company into any sort of trouble.

It seems like a pretty significant change in its terms of service. We suspect big changes are coming! Could this be the end of tag and share competitions? If you go against the terms of service, you could be screwed and could lose your page. Read the facts and tread very carefully!

The changes will come into effect on October 1, 2020 so brace yourself.

PS …

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