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Google ads is phasing out Expanded Text Ads (“ETAs”) for Responsive Search ads (“RSAs”)

According to Google, as of June 2022, advertisers using the Google ads platform will no longer be able to create or edit Expanded text ads, with many marketers seeing the notification we have shown above. This was announced on August 31st 2021.

Back in August 2020, Search Engine Land stated, “RSAs represent where Google is moving with machine learning and predictive marketing. With RSAs, machine learning is used to predict which combinations of titles and descriptions will resonate best with a searcher based on historical data and various signals available at the time of the auction.”

This comes after a year of Google pushing Expanded Text ads to the back seat but not fully removing access to them. Google made it increasingly difficult to create Expanded Text ads for Google ads advertisers by hiding the option to switch to an expanded text ad only once you click in to create an RSA. Because of this, it’s absolutely no surprise that Google is making the move to completely remove Expanded Text Ads from the platform.

What does this mean for Google advertisers? For many of us, it will mean that we will need to restructure our ads accounts and begin optimising with Responsive Search ads over Expanded Text ads coming up to June 2022. Don’t get caught out; get preparing ahead of time!

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