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The hardest but best year of my life.

What could possibly happen in a year?


A year ago I left a job I enjoyed but I was miserable. I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything – it was certainly a “Jesus take the wheel” moment. I was lost in my own world and not really giving a damn. It was shaping me into a person I didn’t want to be and I didn’t like it. So I changed it.


In May 2015 I dumped the 9-5 and the security of a monthly income. That took balls. I didn’t really have a plan and I most certainly didn’t have a back-up strategy but I had a go-do attitude. The lovely guys at Whitenoise Studios designed me a cutting edge logo that constantly gets admired and from then I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love what I do – digital marketing – and the opportunities it offers. All I wanted to do was help businesses grow and deliver results for them while allowing me to find myself again.


A year later… I now have 15 clients, a super colleague – Kirsty (my right arm) and thankfully we’re very busy. In February I got accepted onto the Entrepreneurial Spark programme – a co-working business accelerator programme – and it has been fantastic. I’ve met some amazing people and am inspired daily by their entrepreneurial mindsets. Some are destined to be millionaires and I take my hat off to them. Being an entrepreneur is hard – there’s so much rejection out there but it takes a certain kind of individual who gets back up after they’ve been knocked down – over and over again.

To say I’m grateful is an understatement.


5 months ago my world was turned upside down when I lost my mum. She has always been my life and I can honestly say it has been the hardest thing I have had to deal with. You’ll never truly understand what it feels like until the person you love the most in the world is taken away from you – too soon. But she taught me never to give up. She was the most determined woman I know. She was diagnosed with MS 30 years ago but she fought a hard battle. We always said she was God’s #1 soldier. It is because of her that I am more determined to never give up on my passion.

A huge thank you to my family, husband, friends, Whitenoise and clients for supporting me. I don’t know where I’d be without such a brilliant support network.

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Niamh Taylor

I am the Founder and CEO of Digital Twenty Four. I’m an award winning digital marketer who took a risk, and left the safety of a well-paid, super safe in-house head of marketing role to launch Digital Twenty Four in May 2015. But -it was a risk worth taking because I now own a brilliant company, with a brilliant reputation, and with the best humans working within it. And an award-winning digital marketing expert with over 20 years experience in marketing.