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Hiring: Paid Advertising Specialist

Role overview

How to apply

We are always on the look out for paid advertising digital marketers and thus dont apply a deadline to our recruitment drive. Please email our HR Manager with an introduction and a link to your LinkedIn profile or attach your CV. . If you want to have an initial informal chat about the role with our MD Niamh please email her

About Digital 24

Digital 24 is a multi-award winning agency in the heart of Belfast. We’re certified Google Partners and we wear our badges with pride. We’re small but are delivering better results, with more agility and efficiency, than larger agencies in Northern Ireland.

We provide a range of services for our clients including Social Media Management, Paid Advertising (Google ads, Google Shopping, YouTube, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Twitter/X ads, LinkedIn ads, and more), Content Marketing, Email Marketing and SEO.

We offer a competitive salary, a range of perks and performance-based bonuses.


Work trips are something else with Digital 24
Niamh Taylor Digital 24

“I’m a big believer in treating my team. Working in an agency can be stressful and sometimes it can get the better of even the best of us… I truly believe we’re the most fun team to work for, with our annual trips to Portugal, Donegal and more!”

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Who you are

You’re an intelligent self-starter who can prioritise work and manage your own deadlines under pressure.

You have managed paid advertising campaigns across Facebook ads and Google ads before. You work to keep your knowledge up-to-date in these areas, staying aware of any impending updates that may affect your work. You don’t wait for someone to upskill you, but you seek out new information and stay afloat of trends. 

If you don’t already know how, you have enough technical skills to learn how to set up conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Meta ads Events Manager, and Google ads as well as through APIs such as Shopify, Wix and WordPress.

You have great communications skills, both internally and with clients. You will be required to keep your team and clients up to date regarding performance and progress on projects. At times, you may need to present proposed campaigns to prospective or existing clients.

You work well both on your own and as part of a team. The Digital 24 team are a self-directed bunch, who get to follow their nose when it comes to strategic direction in many cases. But, you won’t only be managing clients by yourself. Some of our larger clients have multiple specialists working together to drive the success of their online campaigns. You will also be working closely with our Performance Marketing Director and Specialists to strategise client success each quarter.

What you'll need to succeed

GA4 Digital 24

Data is at the heart of how you work. We’re data-driven marketers and we like to see when individuals share this trait. All of your strategies and recommendations are backed by solid historic or industry data. You like to work towards industry benchmarks each month.

We all make mistakes. But, as you can imagine, little mistakes can mean a lot to clients when we’re dealing with their marketing spend. As such, you will need to be meticulous with your work. This includes good spelling and grammar skills!

You have a strategic mindset, built from a holistic understanding of marketing and the relationships between online campaigns.

Meghan Semple Digital 24

“While we expect candidates with experience in ads, we don’t expect you to know everything about digital marketing when you’re in the door. That’s why we offer second-to-none training when joining the Performance Marketing team!” 

What you'll be doing

“Digital 24 has been more than just a place to work for me, it’s given me the tools to learn and the confidence to grow as a digital marketer. I’m supported every day by a team and a manager who trust me and the work I deliver for my clients. I get to work with some of the top brands in Northern Ireland and the UK doing something different every day from Facebook ads, to TikTok ads to email marketing and the variety means I’m never bored and I’m always learning.”

What we like to see

How to apply

To apply, please email our HR Manager with an introduction and a link to your LinkedIn profile or attach your CV. If you want to have an initial informal chat about the role with our MD Niamh please email her

Picture of Meghan Semple

Meghan Semple

I'm Digital 24's Performance Marketing Director. My bread and butter's in advertising on channels like Facebook and Google as well as others like TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn... However, I'm quite a data-driven person and love chatting all-things tracking, analytics and even some SEO!