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NEW : How To Schedule Instagram Posts, Stories And IGTV In Creator Studio

Best. News. Ever.

Spotted on Social Media Today (The holy grail of everything to do with social media news) that Facebook has now added Instagram scheduling to business manager Creator Studio! Yes – stop the bus! You will soon be able to schedule your Instagram posts on the Creator Studio FOR FREE (sorry planoly – we will no longer require your services).

Instagram scheduling has indeed been a headache for far too long so this music to our ears.

When I signed into our account this morning – what else does one do at 7am on a Sunday morning – I could see in our Creator Studio that there was notification to say it was coming. They are gradually rolling it out to users, so if – like us – you don’t have it yet, you likely will soon.

The guys over at Later have detailed the process here (so I don’t have to repeat it!)

Basically to be able to schedule your Instagram posts, you need to connect your Instagram business account to your Creator Studio dashboard. If you don’t know where to find it – see this screenshot of ours.

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Once you select that – you will go to the Creator Studio. Facebook launched Creator Studio about a year ago but not many people use it yet. Here you will be asked to connect your Instagram and this is where the magic happens!

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Once you have the Instagram scheduling features available you will simply select ‘Create Post’ at the top left of screen, which will enable you to choose whether you want to post to your ‘Instagram Feed’ or IGTV’.

You can then post and schedule as you would normally with social media – upload your image, add in a suitable caption, tag other Instagram accounts and locations, add in emojis, etc.

Instagram scheduling examples by Digital 24

Then when you are ready to schedule your post, you click on the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Publish’ at the bottom right of screen, which will bring up the scheduling tool – just like scheduling a post on Facebook. Here you can set the date and time you want your post to go out on. This will make Instagram management much easier for many business owners and marketers.

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