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Instagram Update 2022: 8 Trends To Look Out For In 2022

” We’re moving back to a chronological feed… We’re no longer a photo-sharing platform… Collaborate with influencers in order to reach new audiences… The swipe up feature is no longer a thing… No more IGTV .” Classic Instagram. Always keeping us on our toes.

If you want to get the most from your Instagram marketing strategy in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to share the top Instagram marketing trends to watch in 2022, so you can get more followers, increase engagement, and earn more revenue from the platform. Ready to get ahead of the curve? Here are eight Instagram marketing trends you’ll need to know in 2022.

Trend #1: The Introduction of Chronological & Suggested Content Feeds

Instagram has stated that it is experimenting with new feed adjustments to give users greater control over how their photos appear on the feed. Instagram’s feed is now powered by an algorithm that ranks and recommends posts based on a user’s activity and inferred interests. Instagram aims to preserve the “Home” viewing option, as well as add “Favorites” and “Following” alternatives that will display content in chronological order.

In a recent post, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated, “It’s vital to me that people feel good about the time they spend in the app…I think one of the best ways to achieve that aim is to provide individuals opportunities to mould Instagram into what works best for them.”

the introduction of chronological suggested content feeds

Users can construct a list of preferred accounts using the new “Favorites” option, making it difficult to miss any new content from these users. For example, Mosseri says he utilises this feature to keep up with posts from his family, best friends, and favourite creators. 

The “Following” option restores the traditional chronological feed, allowing users to keep up with the most recent posts from the accounts they follow. According to Mosseri, these tests are already available to some consumers or will be available in the coming weeks. In the first half of the year, Instagram expects to completely offer the three viewing options.

Trend #2: Video Formats Will Merge

IGTV has already been blended into Feed Videos on Instagram, but we’re hoping for a more streamlined Instagram video offering in 2022. Instagram is likely to evolve towards a more cohesive strategy, with feed videos, Reels, and Instagram Stories all remaining in play.

According to Instagram, 78% of total mobile data traffic will be going to mobile video. Despite its slow takeoff, IGTV is predicted to make great contributions towards that trend. What does this mean for brands? It means that you should include long-form video content in a vertical format in your marketing approach. Long form video content means you can upload a video of 1 minute to 10 minutes from your mobile device and 60 minutes from the computer app.

We recommend you show moments from behind-the-scenes, Q&A sessions, and interviews with influencers, depending on the type of brand you’re promoting – really anything that your audience will be interested in. Instagram effectively allows you to broadcast your own TV show…so make the most of it!

IGTV In The Feed 

igtv in the feed

Users who broadcast on IGTV can now post a quick preview in their stream thanks to an upgrade. Initially, it was difficult to promote IGTV channels before this feature was introduced. Early adopters were concerned that IGTV would be Instagram’s biggest flop due to limited traffic and engagement. Now, it has the ability to profit on the ever-growing trend of mobile videos now that you can write subtitles and actively encourage your followers to IGTV.

Instagram Live

instagram live

When everything went online, Instagram Live took off right at the start of the pandemic and is still going strong today. Business owners like @grainnemccoy_ are sharing their stories, and fans are discovering new ways to interact with their favourite businesses. Instagram Live will undoubtedly be a significant element of your Instagram marketing plan in 2022, no matter what industry you’re in.

Even if you don’t want to perform a typical face-to-camera video, you can utilise Instagram Live to communicate with your audience in a variety of ways, such as: 

  • Provide how-to videos for your products or services
  • Take your viewers on a step-by-step journey
  • Introduce yourself and your team
  • Allow your audience to ask questions
  • Organize and host interviews



Reels are the newest style of video to hit the Instagram platform, and they’re quickly gaining traction. TikTok inspired these short videos, which allow users to share some fun on the app. Businesses are getting in on the dance craze, individuals are getting to know one another better, and it’s all in good fun. They’re short to watch, so people may enjoy them even if they don’t have time to watch anything longer-form, such as an IGTV.

New Update – You can now reply to comments on your Reel, with another Reel.

reply to comments on your reel with another reel

You can now reply to a comment with a Reel that includes the comment as a sticker. Your reply Reel will appear in the comment thread and everywhere else you share Reels. We’ve seen this format on TikTok, so naturally, Instagram is following suit. If you get a lot of comments on your Reels or frequently asked questions…this could be a great option for you to further engage your audience while getting more exposure at the same time. 

New Update – Introduction of text to speech and voice effects on Reels

text to speech and voice effects

You can now add captions to your Instagram reel which allows your audience to watch your video without sound. Instagram have also launched a new text to speech feature, which uses an auto-generated voice to read out text captions that appear on your video. Again, this is a feature which was copied from TikTok, but it is a fantastic feature which allows brands to inject fun and creativity into their video content. 

Voice effects is another new tool that allows you to modify the audio and/or voiceover in your Reel. And here you can see what those audio controls look like. Both of these tools just give you as a small business owner a little more creative freedom to make trendy, attention-grabbing Reels. 

Trend #4 Rise Of Relatable Influencers

Influencers are now required to use paid partnership tags such as #ad or #sponsored in their posts. Businesses and influencers must now be more honest with their campaigns as a result of this. Customers were worried that if product posts revealed the collaboration with a tag, they would be less likely to buy.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is still on the increase, particularly on Instagram. Relevant influencers, on the other hand, are on the rise. These people’s lives aren’t picture-perfect. They’re presenting both the mundane and beautiful sides of their existence. Because they are more relatable, many people find them to be more trustworthy.

rise of relatable influencers

Many of these relatable influencers start off as micro-influencers, so start by looking for influencers with smaller followings if you’re trying to overhaul your influencer marketing strategy (or get started in the first place). Just because they don’t have tens of thousands of followers doesn’t mean they can’t help your business. Because they’re so relatable, their fans often have a higher level of trust in them.

Trend #5: Creator-led Commerce Will Change the Way We Shop

If you thought Instagram was turning into a retail site, wait until you see what’s coming next. Starting in 2022, Instagram will expand their native creator affiliate network, giving influencers of all sizes a huge financial incentive to sell things on behalf of businesses. Instagram’s introduction of affiliate earnings eliminates the need for complicated agreements and contracts, making influencer marketing on the platform far more accessible to everyone.

Not only that, but there’s more. Instagram is preparing to expand the availability of “Creator Shops” to more users on the site, giving influencers and creators a new place to exhibit products from businesses they love, while earning commission from the sales they encourage. So don’t be surprised when your Instacart receipts reach new heights in 2022!

Shoppable Posts and Stories

shoppable posts and stories

Once you’ve set up an Instagram store, you can now include direct shopping links to your posts and Stories. Firstly, you must create an Instagram catalogue for your products. When someone taps on your shoppable tag, they’re directed to your Instagram storefront, where they can purchase something. They can also see the price on the tag, which helps them decide whether or not they want to investigate further.

Links for all! 

Swipe-up links were first available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers a few years ago, however Instagram changed that in late 2021 – allowing all businesses to have access to the ‘link’ feature on stories. YAY! This opened up a significant opportunity for small businesses looking to drive traffic to another site or platform. More users are likely to take advantage of this new capacity as we approach 2022. Simply tap the “add sticker” icon in create mode and select the “link” sticker to add an external link to your tale. You’ll be asked to enter the URL, and you’ll have the option to change the sticker text if you want to. We’re the biggest fans of this feature as it means you can include links to any website – e.g. we use it to promote webinars, events, programmes we run and the sign up rate has soared because of this feature.  

Purchase from Creators

Instagram Shopping allows creators to make money straight from the platform. This is a significant step because it lowers the barriers to conversion and purchase for your potential customers. Each time a user needs to exit the Instagram app, there’s a chance they’ll decide they don’t want to make a purchase. They’re more likely to complete the purchase if it can be completed within the app.

Instagram Shops grew popular in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, and they’ll continue to be significant for online sellers in 2022. Use this tool to convey your brand’s narrative and share it with potential customers so they may have a good time shopping and buying.

Instagram Checkout

After you’ve selected a product from a shoppable post, you’ll see a button that says “Checkout on Instagram“. You can enter your payment information and complete your transaction straight now. Buyers can also keep their details for future purchases. Brands will benefit greatly from this because customers will be more likely to complete their purchases this way.

Trend #6: The Rise of Brand Personalities 

Gone are the days where Instagram was solely for sharing aesthetically-pleasing pictures. Now, the app is home to something much more impactful: community and conversation. 

That’s right, Instagram is putting the “social” back in social media.

the rise of brand personalities

So what does that mean for brands and creators? In a nutshell, it means it’s time to bring your personality to the table. Whether that means showing up on Instagram Stories, bringing your voice to your Instagram captions, or getting creative on camera for Instagram Reels. As a result, we’re able to connect on a deeper level with our most tapped-in followers – building a stronger sense of community and encouraging engagement. 

Trend #7: Video Memes Will Reign Supreme 

Memes, believe it or not, are still going strong in 2022, and they’re making their way into businesses. The most important thing to remember before incorporating memes into your strategy is that you must first comprehend what a meme is and how it works before attempting to use it. The last thing you want to do is misunderstand a meme. You don’t want someone in your audience to point it out to you.

In 2022, video memes will be the way to go on Instagram. Video memes are similar to static memes in that they feature something abstract, humorous, or charming mixed with a relatable message, but they are presented in a more dynamic and entertaining way. Take a look at how @osbornesenniskillen are integrating video memes into their social media marketing strategy: 

video memes

With the style of video memes, jokes may go a little deeper and more storey can be 

communicated. It also keeps your audience engaged for longer, as they wait for the next bit of relatability. As Instagram continues to promote short-form videos over all other media, video memes are going to be one hot ticket for viral success.

Trend #8: New and Improved Community Engagement Features

Nobody does it better than Instagram when it comes to discussion starters. Instagram knows how to spark dialogue and develop community, from emoji reactions to interactive story stickers, and this is one edge they won’t give up in 2022. 

community engagement

So what could we see in the next 12 months? First up, we predict that engagement-driving stickers (such as the Question sticker) will enter the Reels chat. Additionally, we anticipate that comment replies will become more engaging and interactive – with the ability to reply via a video or a voice note. 

The takeaway? If you’re still thinking of Instagram as a photo-sharing platform, listen up, because things have changed in a BIG way. Instagram is an immersive communication channel, and if you want to succeed in 2022, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, and let your personality shine. The more dynamic, personal, and engaging your content is, the better!

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