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Meta’s AI Sandbox & Advantage Suite announcement explained

On May 11th, 2023, Facebook announced an exciting new update for its advertising platform, now known as Meta Ads. The update includes the introduction of AI Sandbox, an environment where advertisers can test and experiment with artificial intelligence to enhance their ad campaigns. In addition, the company is expanding its Meta Advantage Suite, providing advertisers with even more tools and resources to improve their campaigns. If you’re not quite sure what this update means, we’re here to explain!


Meta Update AI Sandbox and Advantage Suite




AI Sandbox: an introduction

Some of you may be a little unsure of what the AI Sandbox and when you should expect to see it hit your ads platform. We don’t blame you – all this AI-talk can get a little overwhelming.

To put it plainly, have you ever tried a new game or toy, but you weren’t sure if you would like it? That’s what it’s like for advertisers when they want to use new tools and technologies to make their ads better. They might be worried that if they try something new, it might not work and they could lose money. This is especially true when you have tight targets to meet. Ultimately, this attitude in advertising can be restrictive when there could be a plethora of optimisation opportunities out there that might skyrocket your performance (you just don’t know it!)

Because of this, Facebook (Meta) has made a special place called AI Sandbox where advertisers can try new things without any risk. It’s like a playground where advertisers can experiment with new ideas and toys, and learn from other advertisers too! Facebook also makes it easy for advertisers to use these new tools by putting them right where they make their ads. This makes it easier for them to try new things and see how it can help make their ads even better. So now, advertisers can play around with new toys and ideas, and when they find something that works, they can use it to make their ads even better and get more people interested in what they are selling!


Facebook sandbox


When can I expect access to Meta’s AI Sandbox?

Meta state that, in July, they will begin to gradually roll out access to more advertisers, expanding the platform’s userbase. With this, they also have plans to add some features to the product as it grows.


Meta advantage suite improvements

Facebook’s Meta Advantage Suite was launched in 2022, offering advertisers a range of tools and resources to improve their campaigns. The suite includes tools like conversion tracking, audience insights, and creative optimisation. With the latest update, Facebook is expanding the suite, adding even more tools and resources to help advertisers succeed.


advantage plus meta


One of the key benefits of Meta Advantage Suite is that it provides advertisers with a comprehensive view of their campaigns. Advertisers can see how their campaigns are performing across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. They can also track conversions, measure their return on investment (ROI), and gain insights into their audience’s behaviour.


Meta advantage suite: new tools and resources

As part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to enhance the capabilities of Meta Advantage, new features have recently been introduced to make the platform even more effective and user-friendly.

These new tools include:

  1. Switching campaigns to Advantage+ shopping in one click: Businesses can now transform their existing campaigns into Advantage+ shopping campaigns with a single click. This feature is available in Ads Manager, where users can duplicate an ad campaign and select the Advantage+ shopping option. This allows businesses to take advantage of AI more quickly and easily.
  2. Using video creative in catalog ads: Previously, advertisers could only use static product images in catalog ads. However, with the new video creative feature, businesses can import and use branded videos or customer demonstration videos to promote their products. AI and machine learning then dynamically display the most effective video to viewers across various platforms, including Feed, Stories, Watch, and Reels. This feature is currently in testing with select advertisers, with plans for a wider rollout later in the year.
  3. Rolling out Performance Comparisons: This new automatic report allows advertisers to compare existing manual sales campaigns to Advantage+ shopping campaigns to better understand the positive performance impact of automation. This feature is already rolling out gradually to advertisers using Advantage+ shopping campaigns.
  4. Improving performance with Advantage+ audience: This new product is designed to help businesses reach people and drive conversions more effectively. Instead of using an advertiser’s audience targeting inputs as hard constraints, Advantage+ audience adds those inputs as suggestions to guide who sees an ad. This allows Facebook’s ad system to find more people outside of those suggestions if it thinks they are likely to be interested and convert. This feature is currently in testing with select advertisers, with plans to open up testing to more users in the coming months.
  5. AI Infrastructure and Modelling Investments: Facebook invests billions of dollars each year in infrastructure, with a focus on building out AI capacity for ads. These investments ensure that the AI-powered tools advertisers use reach their full potential at scale. Facebook is constantly working to enhance AI modeling to improve performance and measurement. These enhancements enable the platform to share learnings across the ads system and achieve better results for businesses while creating better experiences for viewers.

(Pictured below: Recently announced AI Meta Lattice


Meta lattice


Supposedly, the innovations that Facebook are introducing to Meta Advantage will help businesses create more effective ads, reach more people, and generate more conversions. These enhancements build on the core advantages of the platform, such as personalised targeting and automation, to create a more streamlined and effective ad creation process.

One of the key benefits of Meta Advantage is that it enables businesses to leverage Facebook’s vast network of users to reach their target audience. Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. By utilising the power of AI and machine learning, businesses can identify and target specific user groups more effectively than ever before.

Moreover, the platform’s automation tools help businesses save time and money. With features like automatic report generation, businesses can quickly analyse campaign performance and identify areas for improvement. The ability to switch campaigns to Advantage+ shopping with one click streamlines the ad creation process, reducing the time and effort required to create effective ads.

Finally, the platform’s continued investment in AI infrastructure and modelling ensures that businesses can take advantage of the most advanced and effective technology available. This investment enables Facebook to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation, ensuring that Meta Advantage remains a cutting-edge platform for years to come.


In summary

The latest update to Facebook’s advertising platform, Meta Ads, is an exciting development for advertisers. With the introduction of AI Sandbox and the expansion of Meta Advantage Suite, advertisers have even more tools and resources at their disposal to improve their ad campaigns. AI Sandbox provides a safe and collaborative space for advertisers to experiment with AI technologies, while Meta Advantage Suite provides a comprehensive view of campaigns and a range of tools for targeting, optimisation, and creativity. These updates demonstrate Facebook’s ongoing commitment to helping advertisers succeed and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

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