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New Canva features in 2024? Yes please! 

Canva has once again pushed the boundaries of creative tools with its latest announcements at the 2024 Canva Create conference. This year’s launch brought a host of new features and enhancements designed to elevate the user experience, making it more seamless, efficient, and powerful. Here’s a comprehensive look at what’s new and exciting from this years upcoming new releases:

A new look and feel

Soon, everyone’s Canva homepage and editor will have a whole new look and feel, purpose-built for a focused creative experience. This redesign aims to enhance user navigation, making it easier to access tools and complete projects with a more intuitive interface.

canva new look

More app integrations than ever

One of the most notable updates is the increased number of app integrations. Canva now allows you to weave in more of your favourite tools and apps directly into your Canva workflow. This expanded integration capability means you can streamline your creative process, bringing all your essential apps into one cohesive platform. Notably the Google Ads app will allow users to easily add assets then upload directly to Google Ads, and the Meta Design Check app will allow users to optimise Meta ads with instant design tips within Canva! 

New app integrations on canva

New and improved Magic Studio™

The Magic Studio offering has been significantly enhanced, introducing new features and improving existing ones:

  • Highlights: This feature instantly generates snappy clips from your footage when editing videos, saving you time and effort in creating engaging video content.
  • Magic Media™: Now with Text to Graphics functionality, you can transform your words into beautiful graphics effortlessly, opening new creative possibilities.
  • Magic Grab™: This tool allows you to effortlessly select any element in your photo to move, reposition, or resize it, providing greater flexibility in your designs.
  • Magic Switch™: In just a few clicks, transform any design into a custom, personalised document.
  • Styles: Apply the style of any design to another with just one click, ensuring consistent aesthetics across your projects.
  • Magic Write™: Upgraded to generate clear, impactful text in your unique tone of voice, making content creation more personalised and efficient.
  • Enhance Voice: Eliminate background noise and create high-quality, compelling videos with crystal-clear audio.

new apps for use in canva

Work Kits

One of the most exciting announcements was the introduction of Work Kits, a new way to dive into departments, tailored for teams of all sizes and individual users alike. These kits bundle industry-specific templates, features, and apps, making it easier to get the job done efficiently. Segmented into Marketing, Sales, HR, and Creative, Work Kits provide specialised tools and resources to meet your specific needs!

Segment Highlights

Marketing: Access templates and features designed to create compelling campaigns and promotional materials. Notable features for this department in particular include: 

    • Create assets at scale with Bulk Create: Speed up your marketing workflow and create on-brand designs at scale with Bulk create.
    • Find ready made templates: Whether it’s a go-to-market strategy or content creation, level up your projects with best-in-class templates.
    • Use your Favourite Marketing Apps: Connect your most-used apps like Asana, Monday, or Hubspot with Canva for a seamless workflow.

Sales: Utilise tools that help you design persuasive sales documents and presentations.

    • Add data instantly with data auto-fill: Wow your clients with personalised, data-driven sales materials created in a single click.
    • Engage your clients with recordings: Make your remote sales pitches engaging with Recordings’ narration, screen recording, and voiceover features.
    • Find ready made templates: Drive impact with specialised templates for pitching, proposals, sales enablement, and customer success.

HR: Streamline HR processes with templates for onboarding, training, and internal communications.

    • Create engaging courses: Easily set up learning materials from onboarding to upskilling, assign them to your team, and track their progress.
    • Your centralised knowledge base: Easily find, store, and read internal communications and resources from within Canva.
    • Use your favourite HR apps: Connect your most-used apps like Slack, Monday, and LinkedIn with your Canva workflows.

Creative: Unleash your creativity with features tailored for graphic design, video editing, and more.

    • Turn ideas into visuals using Magic Media™: Transform creative ideas into compelling graphics, images, and videos that perfectly fit your project.
    • Craft and fine-tune copy using Magic Write™: Refine and summarize your copy or generate iterations – all while retaining your personal or brand’s unique voice.
    • Utilise ready made templates: Supercharge your creative process with resources for creative briefs, ideation, production, and brand strategy.

We highly recommend having a look through each of these Work Kit segments on Canva to help streamline your creative process and start using Canva even more efficiently than ever!

This year’s Canva Create conference introduced some of their most exciting launches to date. We are so excited to evolve how we use Canva in 2024 and can’t wait to see what new releases are in the pipeline. If you think that you could be using Canva more creatively, check out our blog on 5 of the most underrated tools that you might not have tried using yet

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