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Shop Local 2020 – New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year comes lots of change and promises to ourselves that we’ll make this year better than the last. However, it is worth noting that 53% of Irish adults make New Year’s resolutions with only 4% of people keeping them for between 6 and 12 months.

To be totally honest we prefer to make goals; ones that are achievable, realistic and sustainable all year round, but we understand the new year for a lot of people signifies a fresh start and so can see how it can be a great time to begin acting on these. Getting prepared for the year ahead and planning will help you ensure you smash every single one of your goals you set.

We have selected a handful of local businesses that may seem a little less conventional than the more common resolutions to ensure you get off to a great start in 2020.

Breakthrough Retreats, Newcastle

Reflecting on the year can often encourage self- awareness and an openness to investing more in you. Self-Care is definitely the hot topic of the season and something most of us are guilty of neglecting. Why not prioritise you as part of your new year goals and have a look at what Breakthrough Retreats has to offer. Helping you to become the confident, energised and focussed person you always wished you could be.

Whether you’re in need of treatment, therapy healing or simply looking for advice on how to be at one with yourself, Breakthrough Retreats are able to offer anything from massage to group psychotherapy, they will create the perfect programme just for you.

Breakthrough specializes in 5 and 7-day Personal Development retreats in a secluded location. Nestled at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in countryside and less than 2 miles from the sea, The Briers is the perfect holistic venue for relaxing body, mind and soul. It offers a complete respite for anyone seeking peace and tranquillity.

Keep A Beat First Aid NI, Belfast

For any existing or expectant parents, there is no worry on earth greater than the safety of your child. Why not invest everything you can to give you confidence in your parenting role? Keep A Beat First Aid takes this serious subject and teaches it in a fun, interactive and memorable way so that you have that vital knowledge that could be invaluable to your family, friends, schools, communities or workplaces.

If you have a baby on the way in the New Year this may just be that extra tool you need to help support you in such an important job that you will have every day for the rest of your life. Check out all their training options here.

Authentic Yoga with Suzanne, Banbridge

With so many benefits from yoga for adults it only makes sense that we encourage the little ones to try it also. Suzanne offers the opportunity to do just that. December can be fun and exciting for many children but for others the school performances, sensory overload, trips and break from routine combined with expectations and stressed family and teachers leads to anxious, overtired children.

Suzanne teaches techniques to increase emotional resilience- help children relax, unwind, keep calm and ultimately reduce stress and anxiety. What better time than the new year ahead to take a fresh outlook on day to day life.

So in between Warrior flows and Downward Dog’s give Suzanne’s page a visit. Namaste.

Oma Fitness Academy, Omagh

Whilst everyone is busy planning their ‘New Year, New Me’ bodies and comparing gym memberships it is important to ask yourself as a trainer, ‘What makes me better?’ The gym in January is usually packed so full you can barely get near a machine, by the time February comes round they can be a ghost town.

Oma Fitness Academy is there to educate, qualify and inspire as many people in the fitness industry to become the best version of themselves so in turn they can provide the best experience for their clients. The company is fast becoming one of the best training providers in the North of Ireland.

Whether you are a complete new comer to the industry or you are an experienced fitness professional Oma Fitness Academy has the knowledge and courses to take you to the next level, with their ever expanding library of qualifications and expanding team of tutors you can be confident you have the support you need. So If you want your diary or gym to be as busy in February as it hopes to be in January give their Facebook a browse here.

Simply Grow, Bangor/Belfast/Newtownards

‘Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning!’

At a time when digital has taken over the world, sometimes it is important to strip things back to the basics (yes, that’s Digital24 saying that!). These guys are all about making learning experiences fun, meaningful and memorable! They provide educational products and services that allow children, young people, their parents and carers to learn and grow in an exciting, nurturing and inclusive environment.

Making memories together will bring happiness, translate into academic progress and long-lasting, significant effects for your Little One. Why not invest in your family a little differently this new year, these guys promise it will be anything but boring.

Just Beauty, Banbridge

Start the new year as you mean to go on by setting aside some much needed R&R time for you. Just Beauty have a number of relaxing treatments to choose from but the impact of their divine massages speak for themselves. Or why not avail of some roller ball essential oils that help de-stress and calm the mind. For expert knowledge on how to use safely and what’s included in each blend contact them on their Facebook page. Better still learn massage techniques that you can practice at home, to help lift tension headaches, soothe to sleep or just for a little time out. Remember nothing is more valuable than self-care.

Elite Physio NI, Newtownabbey/Whiteabbey/Belfast/Templepatrick

Throwing all those shapes on the dancefloor over the Christmas party nights may have left some of you with a few more aches and pains than usual. Or you may have had that niggling pain that you’ve been ignoring for months. Well, no more! 2020 is the year for giving back to yourself.

Kathy at Elite Physio has a passion for supporting patients tackle chronic pain and movement strategies within the workplace. She also delivers alternative treatment strategies one-on-one or in a group situation on how to maintain and improve your body, specifically your muscular system, she can give you the knowledge and confidence to fix your own body.

To get effective and personalized physiotherapy assessment and treatment from a highly recommended physiotherapist contact Kathy here.

So now that we have given you a few alternatives to the ‘lose 10lbs by March’ resolution why not really devote time and energy in YOU in 2020. With so many alternatives around us locally, now is the time to set those goals and watch your confidence and success soar.

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