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The importance of using hashtags in social media

Hashtags. We’ve all heard of them, or used them in our social media captions. But are they still relevant in 2023? Let’s explore together. 

Hashtags allow you to connect with your audience

Picture this. You’re organising an event, say a charity run – and you want to generate a buzz. You decide on a unique hashtag such as #RunForHope2023. This becomes a marketing tool for all attendees and supporters to use, enabling them to interact and share glimpses of their journey – be it their preparation techniques, personal experiences, or any other related anecdotes. And even better – any individual curious about your event can effortlessly click or tap on this hashtag. In doing so, they’ll gain immediate entry to a bank of associated content. At its core, hashtags serve as the foundation for virtual communities, bringing together people with shared passions.

Hashtags can help boost reach 

Hashtags can help boost reach

Ever noticed how some posts seem to go viral overnight? Often, the smart use of hashtags plays a big role. By incorporating relevant and trending hashtags, your content can potentially be exposed to a vast audience – far beyond just your followers. It’s like casting a wide net into the vast ocean of social media; the right hashtags ensure you catch a whole lot more. Take a look at one of our recent posts over on Digital 24’s Instagram page (11,060 non followers saw our post… all because of the power of hashtags!)

Hashtags & brand identity

Successful brands often have their signature hashtags. Consider Nike‘s #JustDoIt or Coca-Cola‘s #ShareACoke. These aren’t just catchy phrases; they encapsulate the brand’s identity and ethos. When used consistently, custom hashtags can boost brand recognition, loyalty, and even drive campaigns. Fancy having your own signature hashtag? Think about what represents your brand and start thinking of hashtags you want customers to tag you in when sharing images and stories about your brand. At Digital 24, we use #digitaltwentyfour and #managedbyd24.

Hashtags can help with interaction

Hashtags are more than just a trendy add-on – they’re actually powerful tools for sparking conversations and building communities. If you’re hosting a Q&A session for example, why not create a unique hashtag specific to your brand? It’s a simple yet effective way to organise all the questions from your eager followers.

Now, let’s talk about product engagement. For those keen to generate a buzz around their latest product, there’s much to learn from Babocush’s approach on TikTok. Their savvy use of community-centric hashtags such as #momtok and #babytok has allowed them to deftly connect with the parenting population on the platform. Through strategic hashtagging, Babocush has successfully engaged with the parenting community over on TikTok, sparking lively conversations – a testament to the fact that parents (as we’re all aware, are never short of opinions!) This smart move led to increased interaction, with each comment boosting the visibility of their content. But the journey doesn’t end with a lively comment section. Engaging in these hashtag-fuelled chats offers a golden opportunity to stay attuned to the pulse of your audience’s interests and concerns. It’s about much more than simply contributing to the noise; it’s about fostering a dialogue that resonates and grows with the community at its heart.

Hashtags make finding content easier

Let’s be honest, the social media landscape can be a tad overwhelming. There’s a deluge of content every second. Here’s where hashtags come to the rescue. They act as filters. Looking for airfryer recipes? #airfryerrecipes has got you covered. Want tips on home workouts? #homeworkout might be your new best friend. Hashtags help organise the vast world of social media content into digestible, searchable chunks.

Monitor performance with hashtags 

From a business perspective, monitoring hashtags can offer invaluable insights. By tracking the performance of your hashtags, you can gauge audience interest, adapt your strategies, and even suss out what your competitors are up to. Knowledge is power, and in the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

Key things to consider when using hashtags

  • Bombarding your post with a plethora of hashtags might seem like a good idea, but it can come off as desperate or spammy. Quality over quantity, always.
  • Always ensure your hashtags are relevant to the content. Misleading hashtags aren’t just frowned upon; they can also land you in hot water with platform algorithms.
  • Before adopting a hashtag, a quick search can be invaluable. The last thing you want is to use a hashtag that’s associated with something negative or controversial.

So, there you have it! Whether you’re a business looking to amplify your brand, an influencer aiming to grow your tribe, or just someone keen on making sense of the social media maze, hashtags are your trusty allies.

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