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TikTok’s ‘AI time traveller trend’


Have you come across the TikTok trend where “time travellers” interrupt classic videos on your FYP? By classic videos, we mean the old vines that went viral years ago and still hold a place in today’s trends. However, these videos are now being interrupted and veering off in strange directions, with unexpected figures appearing and often spoiling the punchline!

What’s the ‘AI Time Traveller’ trend all about?

This trend suggests that “time travellers” have gone back to interfere with the original videos, stopping the jokes and preventing them from going viral. These time travellers are often shadowy, eerie figures set against unnerving music. It’s a new, creepy way of using AI (artificial intelligence) to create videos, and it’s certainly caught people’s attention. I personally can’t stop watching them, even if I am seriously creeped out at the end… And a most people would agree. Commenters enjoy the eerie twist, even if they are spooked. Some find the videos hilarious and creative, while others see them as a glimpse into the potential dangers of AI technology and its ability to alter the content we consume. Here are some examples from TikTok:





How are people making these videos?

Creating one of these videos is relatively straightforward, though it can take some time. Many of them use a system called Luma AI, which calls itself a “Dream Machine” and allows videos to be created from a single still image and a prompt. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make one:

  1. Start by choosing an old, well-known meme or viral video, like the “Okay Guy.”
  2. Go to Luma AI and use their “Dream Machine”.
  3. Take a screenshot of your chosen meme or video and upload it to the Dream Machine. Write a prompt describing what you want to happen in the video.
  4. The “Dream Machine” will then start to generate your video.
  5. Insert your AI-generated video into CapCut.
  6. Stitch the original and AI-generated clips together so they flow seamlessly.
  7. Overlay a creepy sound to enhance the eerie effect and add a touch of humour. The trending sound that we have been hearing is called MARKING TIME, WAITING FOR DEATH – Shiro SAGISU
  8. Export your final video and upload it to TikTok. Be sure to add an interesting caption to catch viewers’ attention.

Other AI trends on TikTok

TikTok introduced the ability to turn text into AI speech, and it has been adopted by millions of users on the app around the world. Suddenly creators who didn’t have time, recording skills or a command of the spoken language — or who simply wanted to remain anonymous — could easily add a clear, confident voice to their videos.

Is AI good or bad for TikTok?

The status of AI-generated videos has sparked some controversy on social networks, including TikTok. Many platforms allow them to be posted as long as they are tagged to make clear they are not real, though enforcement of these rules has not always been consistent. Here are some points to consider:

We have some pros:

  • These videos showcase a new form of creativity and storytelling.
  • They tend to go viral quickly, driving engagement and interaction on the platform.
  • They highlight the innovative uses of AI in media and entertainment.

And some cons:

  • There’s a risk of spreading misinformation if videos are not clearly tagged as AI-generated.
  • The eerie nature of these videos can be unsettling, and some users are concerned about the potential for AI to alter reality. Especially to the younger users of TikTok
  • There’s a debate about whether these videos enhance or degrade the overall quality of content on TikTok.

Is the AI video thing scary AF?

Honestly, the AI video trend can be a bit scary! The shadowy figures, eerie music, and the idea of AI altering familiar content can be quite unsettling. But at the same time, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the future of technology and creativity. What do you think? Are these videos terrifying, or are you loving them? Join the conversation and share your thoughts!

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