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How a brand collaboration resulted in over 500,000 impressions in just five days.

Who are Dromona?

Dromona make great butter and cheese. It’s that simple. But if you take a look behind the wrapper, you’ll discover that they’re crafted from the freshest milk our local farmer cooperative here in Northern Ireland has to offer. Their brand purpose is to inspire Northern Irish butter and cheese consumers to only buy genuinely local Dromona products for the best taste experience.

What was the struggle?

Dromona rebranded in May 2021, which meant a new website, a new look and tone of voice. Due to the fact butters and cheeses looked a bit different on the shelves, Dromona wanted to work with influencers to raise awareness of the new packaging but celebrate the fact that it still has the same great taste.

Who doesn’t love a cheese toastie, right? So we decided the best approach would be to collaborate with a well known bread brand in Northern Ireland to help celebrate the new look for Dromona’s cheese and butter. 

The results of Digital 24’s Influencer Strategy

Brand Collaborations

To celebrate the rebrand, we teamed up with Irwin’s Bakery and gifted four well known influencers across Northern Ireland with a hamper full of bread, butter and cheese. We just had one simple task – to make the best cheese toastie. 

dromona x irwins influencer collab

We worked with Jim Moore (@onlyslaggin) Caroline O’Neill (@diggmama) Darragh Milligan (@belfast_undercover_chef) and Gerry Lavz (@gerrylavz_) for a period of one week. The influencers came up with some of their best creations; from a take on the classic Reuben sandwich, to a Christmas inspired cheese toastie from Gerry Lavz. We had consumers drooling over some of these wonderful creations, with followers messaging the page saying the influencers convinced them to make a toastie for lunch (mission complete!)

Brand collaboration results




Competition entries


We ran this campaign for a total of one week. The competition had a total of 1,000 entries. Whilst the influencer activity alone resulted in over 562,000 impressions

We also had other recognisable influencers such as @sineadheg and @glutenfreefi share the campaign, by talking about Gerry’s cheese toastie. With over 200,000 followers on those two accounts alone, we were pleased to gain extra exposure for the Dromona brand.