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How working with one influencer resulted in 11,000 new followers.

Who are Dromona?

Dromona make great butter and cheese. It’s that simple. But if you take a look behind the wrapper, you’ll discover that they’re crafted from the freshest milk our local farmer cooperative here in Northern Ireland has to offer. Their brand purpose is to inspire Northern Irish butter and cheese consumers to only buy genuinely local Dromona products for the best taste experience.

What was the struggle?

With the cost of living crisis, Dromona wanted to work with foodie influencers to show how versatile the product can be. Butter and cheese are a staple for the fridge, and can be used in multiple ways. Therefore, we decided to team up with well known influencer Nathan Anthony @boredoflunch to create a recipe using Dromona product. 

The results of Digital 24’s Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing

Nathan (Nate) is known for quick and easy airfryer recipes, therefore he used his Ninja airfryer to create airfryer honey butter chicken. Nate was able to create an Instagram reel featuring Dromona product placement. Alongside this, he was able to run a competition to win one of three Ninja Airfryers so that his followers could recreate the recipe. 

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Brand collaboration results


New followers


Accounts Reached on Instagram


Views on TikTok


The Honey Butter Chicken recipe gained over 300,000 plays which was fantastic reach for the Dromona brand. Days later, Nate went live with the competition reaching over 154,000 accounts resulting in 43,000 entries and a total of 11,000 new followers on the Dromona account. Yes, you heard us right – 11,000 new followers in just one week! 

Nate also reshared the content on TikTok, which gained 168,000 views to date.