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How to make Instagram Reels work for your business

As with any business, you want to sell your goods to interested consumers. How to get your wares into the hands of those consumers when there is constant competition in the marketplace requires strategic efforts. Knowing how to advertise and reach potential customers where they are at is the key to your success. Enter Instagram Reels. You probably already use it in your personal life. Now it’s time to harness that social media gold for your business. 

If you want to learn more about Instagram Reels and how it can work for your business, continue reading. Let’s get started. 

Maintain Momentum and Focus

As with any content on social media, you need to consistently create and post in order to stay at the forefront of your follower’s eyes. There is an unrelenting mountain of content that pours through people’s feeds every day. It can be consuming for them to sift through all of the posts. People don’t always have enough time to give every post the attention it deserves, and, of course, not every post deserves much attention at all. 

To that end, it bears repeating that you must create and post content with frequency to maintain relevance. But that is not enough. The content your company produces needs to be engaging, interesting, and fresh.

Of note, when recording and before posting, it is imperative for you to always obtain the permission of others before posting any content that includes a photo or video of someone else. 

Instagram Reel

Share Your Motivation

This is a twofold endeavour. Be sure to touch upon both factors as they are equally interesting and important to the whys and whats of your company.

First, what motivates you will encompass why you wanted to bring your product or service to the market in the first place. It will include why you believe in the value of what you sell. If you saw a gap that your company filled, touch upon this. Explain how you filled a niche, where there was a need, and why there was a demand or gap in the first place.

Next, your motivation should also encompass your corporate ethos. This is where you showcase your passion and drive. It will include your commonly-held belief system for why you do what you do. You should highlight how you want to further the common good or a collective niche by donating your time or company earnings to help the world at large.

Use this space to show your followers Reels of you and your team actively participating in service work. Don’t just use the platform as propaganda. Share real efforts and donation opportunities that you participate in or organize for the community. 

Instagram Reel Motivation

Make How-To Videos

People appreciate and enjoy how-to videos. They like to know exactly how an item is supposed to work. Understanding the functionality can make a product more enticing because the person showing how everything works lend their enthusiasm for what they are holding in their hands. Your staffer can express joy at how your product saved them time and prevented frustration in their everyday life. Or how your latest beauty product (for example) produced a sheer and flawless effect that is perfect for their own Instagram Reels. 

If you happen to sell a product that can be used in an unexpected or alternative way, highlight that unique discovery. Consumers enjoy utilitarian products or ones that prove to be clever and innovative. 

Create step-by-step Reels as guides for using what you sell. A pro tip is to have another staffer follow the video’s instructions with the product in hand. Since you all work with the goods every day, it can be easy to perform a step or skip one simply because you are accustomed to using it.  

Read our step-by-step guide on how to create an Instagram Reel. 

Dedicate Employees to Content Creation Excellence

Now that you have some ideas about how to use Instagram Reels as a cheerleader for your company, it is time to begin. Task a dedicated employee to handle all of your social media efforts. By doing so, you will have a focused staff member to create your content. Give them general guidelines, along with do’s and don’ts, for what you want. 

Another option is to make content posting a collaborative effort. With this idea, your company will produce Reels derived from unique and different perspectives. Your customers are not homogenous, so your content shouldn’t be, either. 

Instagram Reel

By using the technological advancements of today’s world in your favour, you will become better connected to both your dedicated customers and potential consumers. It’s time to create something wonderful. 

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