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TikTok trends to guide you in 2023

There’s no doubt that recent years have seen TikTok become instrumental in digital marketing. With trends coming and going overnight, they are often essential when it comes to your content making its way onto the For You Pages of millions; so staying ahead of the curve always helps. 

Here at Digital 24, we’re always on the lookout for new trends for our clients. From Finn Wolfhard snapping his fingers, to smooth transitions and even the odd viral dance move, here are some of our top recommendations for 2023.

Newfound Confidence Will Be Underlying

2023 is the era of being true to yourself and breaking free from societal expectations. Ushering in newfound confidence and independence, TikTok this year is all about embracing your individuality, being confident in who you are and not shying away from that. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing your own personal and meaningful stories and experiences.  Whether this be through fashion, home decor or even the recreation of an embarrassing moment, confidence is in.

The short-form nature of TikTok content is helping to bring people together and builds a stronger sense of community. Everyday users are finding inspiration and motivation through the relatable content seen on their For You Pages, which is actually resulting in them taking action in their everyday lives.

For example, user Olamide Grace (@holamiday) has created a series of videos called #holdadares, where she does “the things you’re too afraid to do to show you that nobody actually cares, so be you and do you”. In this series, Olamide seeks out comment suggestions of activities people are too afraid to try on their own, such as eating alone at a restaurant, taking a solo trip or going to the movies on their own, all in the name of confidence and independence.

TikTok believes that this user generated emphasis on confidence and independence will have a deeper impact on its users as we continue into 2023, and it’s exciting to see.

Screenshots from TikTok user Olamide Grace (@holamiday)

Entering An Era Of Honesty, Trust And ‘De-Influencing’

Commonly referred to as actionable entertainment, 2023 is set to see brands and businesses alike create fun and engaging ads for sharing in-app promotions. As engaging content is at the basis of most user generated content, videos with millions of views are now being repurposed by brands as paid advertising. For example, user Dani Nicholls (@daninicholls) POV style content using Garnier products garnered over 14 million views and is now listed as a paid advertisement amongst other user generated content within the For Your Page.

TikTok is becoming a major influence in the daily routines of millions across the globe, so standing out and earning the trust of users is crucial. To grab attention, you need to be entertaining, and to earn trust, you need to be reliable. That’s why in 2023, ads, awareness campaigns and product recommendations will require a creative, funny, personal touch and overall personal vibe. 

For example, beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) has recently raised questions surrounding the authenticity and the need for truth in advertising. The controversy came after the creator uploaded a review of mascara, where viewers were quick to accuse her of wearing fake lashes to amplify the effects, resulting in a dishonest review and advice. Now with a staggering 40 million views, the video has caused a wave of backlash with creators across the platform coming together to assert the need for truth and honesty when it comes to influencing. 

As paid partnerships often give way to positive, must-buy reviews, the line between trustworthy and untrustworthy content creators has been drawing narrower and, thus, ushering in an era of ‘de-influencing’. In this new era, user generated content has set to ‘de-influence’ products and services, as community built ideals and content rooted in confidence strives to take over.

For example, TikTok user Abbey Monea (@abbymonea) has created a series of videos whereby she evaluates TikTok viral products, sharing her honest opinion while doing so – without any contractual obligations from paid partnerships.

Screenshots from TikTok users Dani Nicholls (@daninicholls), Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) and Abbey Monea (@pranksinatra69)

Setting Space Aside For Joy Through Little Moments

As the past few years have become filled with global reflection, more and more TikTok users have been uniting under new thought patterns and ways of thinking. As people around the world have reevaluated every aspect of their lives, there’s only one conclusion: they’re burnt out.

With 2023 establishing itself as the year of prioritising joy and laughter in every which way, the need for real, meaningful content has never been more important. Known as a core component of TikTok, humour is a versatile way to connect with your audience and, ultimately, ignite feelings of joy. Therefore, if your brand or business can aid users in their discovery of happiness, whether this be through products, services or even humour through your content, a better audience connection will be established. For example, some of the best known businesses for incorporating creativity and humour into their content and comment sections, include Duolingo (@duolingo), Ryan Air (@ryanair) and Scrub Daddy (@scrubdaddy).

Screenshot of TikTok users Duolingo (@duolingo), Ryan Air (@ryanair) and Scrub Daddy UK (@scrubdaddy)

Communities Will Continue To Build Using Shared Interests

Complete with a wide array of communities, TikTok has quickly become the platform for discovering niche interests, such as CleanTok, BabyTok, DogTok, BookTok or even SkinTok.

TikTok communities bring people together through shared interests, perspectives, and goals. They work just like real-life communities and provide opportunities for building connections and relationships through relatable content. By inspiring and broadening horizons, TikTok users are turning to creators on the app for daily inspiration and creating a strong bond based on shared ideals. Currently, this can be seen by user Ellle-Louise Wilmot (@ellelouisewilmot), who shares relatable content to help those in their twenties feel less alone and more connected.

Screenshot of TikTok content under CleanTok, BabyTok and BookTok

As TikTok continues to dominate social media, 2023 is set to be rooted in honesty, vulnerability, relatability and joy, as communities continue to come together and provide a safe space for genuine enjoyment and support!

So what are you waiting for? As TikTok continues to dominate social media into 2023, having a place on the platform opens the doorway to endless possibilities for your brand or business. In an era where it’s okay and encouraged for businesses to use humour and joke around in their comment sections, don’t be afraid to get creative and test the waters for new content.

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