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Upping your PPC strategy for 2023

Are you ready for the newest PPC trends and updates that 2023 has for us? Ad clickers are 50% more likely to buy products based on organic visits; it’s vital that businesses and markets look into ways to up their PPC game. Good thing we’re here! We’re going to help you up your PPC 2023 Strategy. So, keep reading on to see the potential pay-per-click trends that 2023 has in store!

Voice search for PPC

This may sound fairly odd, but the voice search is quite effective. In fact, this is projected to be just as impactful as video ads are. So, why is voice search becoming more prevalent? Thanks to digital voice assistants such as Alexa, it has become more of a growing trend. Smart home technology is affordable and rapidly growing in homes. So it’s entirely natural to see this trend spiralling upward. Plus, you can expect great deals such as sales and promotions thanks to the updates that these voice assistants provide.

Experiment with ad formats

One thing that all marketers should try is to utilize experimentation from time to time. Using different advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, can be great, but why not try other advertising mediums too? While large-scale companies are often utilizing multiple ad formats, SMBs tend not to. However, this is something that should definitely change. Why not try out video ads or even experiment with podcasts?

PPC automation and machine learning

PPC automation is something you’re definitely going to want to incorporate into your PPC advertising strategy for 2023. While Google has been very active since the 2019 rollout, machine-learning technology is only improving in managing ad campaigns. So, why not try it? AI can offer so much, such as something as simple as tricking, but it can even test ads with new keywords. Plus, AI can handle all the tedious work that marketers despise doing. 

This alone is going to instantly free up a lot of time to allow you to experiment in other ways. There’s going to be a major rise in 2023 for both first-party and third-party automation, so you can expect a lot of big offers.

First-party data

It’s very apparent that within 2023, third-party cookies will go away. This is great news, and it makes first-party data very valuable! So, more businesses are currently investing in first-party data right now rather than waiting until later once the changes become permanent. This head start is great. So, when it comes to first-party data, you can expect it differently. 

Consider it like an email signup on your website or even taking a business card at a trade show. It’s also great to look into tools that can help you out, such as Clearbit, as this can help you nurture the traffic on your website.

Branching out with PPC

One thing that marketers are getting wrong is that you can only use PPC ads through search engines. This is further from the case, and this is something that is being realized more and more. So, if you truly want to take your PPC strategy to a whole new level, then in 2023, you should consider branching out of your PPC strategy with different platforms. 

So, this doesn’t necessarily mean targeting all the platforms; instead, only focus on platforms you know for a fact your audience gets on. So, give yourself a chance to spend time on platforms, test ads, and see what’s most effective. So, what are some good platforms when branching out? Some can include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Marketplaces such as Walmart and Sears
  • Reddit

Video ads

Since 2020, video ads have been growing at a massive pace. Thanks to more video-focused content such as YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, and TikTok, more consumers are interested in making purchases that have been influenced by videos. So, if you’re truly wanting to make an impact, then this is the way to go. Even if you’re currently investing in video ads, then make sure that videos are being further integrated into your PPC strategy for 2023.

Brand affinity

Brand affinity has been slowly becoming more relevant for marketers. In fact, when it comes to PPC trends within 2023, brands want to increase their awareness. So, how can you succeed? Well, it’s all about building strong relationships. Consumers want to feel connected to the brands that they’re purchasing from. So brands need to familiarize themselves with their audience.

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