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How to create a social media marketing strategy in 2023/24

In today’s digital era, leveraging social media is imperative for any business. It’s a powerful tool that not only enhances your brand’s presence but also encourages interaction, builds brand commitment, and has the potential to greatly increase revenue. However, to fully exploit the benefits of social media, a clear and concise strategy is crucial. This guide will walk you through a detailed process to develop a social media strategy that is customised to fit the needs of your business.

Define clear objectives

Before diving into the intricacies of social media, identify what you aim to achieve. Goals could range from increasing website traffic, generating leads, boosting sales, or merely improving brand awareness. Ensure that the objectives you set align with the SMART criterion – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Know your audience

get to know your audience on social media

Understanding your audience is the bedrock of any successful strategy. Ask these crucial questions:

  • Who are your target demographics?
  • What are their interests, preferences, and online behaviours?
  • Where do they spend most of their time online?
  • When are they most active on these platforms?
  • Why would they engage with your brand?

Note – tools like Facebook Insights, Instagram Analytics, and Google Analytics can provide valuable data about your audience. 

Choose the right platforms

social media platforms

It might seem like a good idea to jump on every social media platform out there to get your brand seen. But what really works is picking the right ones where your ideal customers hang out and that match up with what you’re trying to achieve with your business. 

Take Facebook, for instance, with its widespread reach, it serves as a prime venue for brand promotion and targeted advertising. Instagram’s visually-rich environment is a haven for brands that tell their stories through striking visuals and creative content. LinkedIn, known for professional networking, is ideal for B2B companies seeking to establish industry authority and forge professional connections.

Twitter (now X) excels as a platform for delivering instant updates and engaging with customers promptly, making it a powerhouse for customer relations and news dissemination. Meanwhile, TikTok and Pinterest are carving out unique spaces for themselves; TikTok with its pulse on what’s trending among the younger audience through dynamic, engaging video content, and Pinterest as a visual discovery engine perfect for inspiration and lifestyle branding. These platforms offer innovative avenues to craft content that resonates and captivates the ever-evolving tastes of their respective audiences.

Craft compelling content

With your audience and platforms in mind, curate content that resonates:

  • Educate: Share blog posts, infographics, and tutorials.
  • Inspire: Showcase success stories or motivational quotes.
  • Entertain: Use memes, GIFs, or light-hearted videos.
  • Engage: Polls, Q&A sessions, and giveaways encourage interaction.

Remember, consistency is key. A content calendar can help organise and schedule posts in advance.

Engage with your audience

engage with your audience

Certainly, authentic engagement on social media is pivotal for fostering trust, establishing relationships, and building a loyal customer base. It’s vital to remember that social media is a dynamic realm where two-way communication thrives. Here are ways to ensure meaningful interaction with your audience:

  • Always aim to respond swiftly to comments and messages. A quick acknowledgment can make a user feel valued and heard.
  • Pay attention to mentions and discussions about your brand, even if you’re not directly tagged. This proactive approach allows you to address potential issues or simply express gratitude for positive feedback.
  • Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow for live Q&A sessions. This real-time interaction humanises your brand and offers a direct line of communication with your audience.
  • Encourage users to share stories or photos related to your products or services. Not only does this provide you with content, but it also makes the user feel involved and appreciated.
  • Use the polling features on platforms like Twitter or Instagram Stories to gather feedback or simply engage users in light-hearted or relevant topics.
  • Offering a peek into the daily operations or the people behind your brand can make users feel more connected and invested in your story.
  • Organising competitions encourages participation and interaction. It’s a win-win as users get a chance to win something, and your brand gains visibility.
  • Share positive reviews or testimonials. This not only acts as a soft promotion but also makes the reviewer feel acknowledged.
  • Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow for group creation. These groups can be centered around your industry or specific products, fostering discussions and providing a space for users to share their experiences.
  • Partner with social media influencers who align with your brand values. Their endorsement can encourage their followers to engage with your brand in a more personal way.
  • Use platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube to conduct webinars or workshops. This not only showcases your expertise but also provides value to the audience, encouraging more interaction. Even jump on TikTok Live and do a pack an order with me!
  • Share achievements, anniversaries, or any milestones with your audience. It makes them feel they are part of your journey.

At the heart of these strategies is genuine care and interest in your community. Authenticity cannot be faked, and users can discern between brands that truly value their community and those that view them merely as numbers. By actively engaging and showing consistent interest in your audience’s thoughts, feelings, and needs, you can foster a community that’s loyal, engaged, and enthusiastic about your brand.

Incorporate video

video marketing strategy

The digital world is changing, and video content is leading the charge. It’s clear that people online are choosing videos over static imagery and graphic led content. Just look at Instagram and TikTok – they’re the poster kids for this whole visual revolution. For any digital savvy business, using video isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ anymore; it’s pretty much essential. Why? Because videos let you say more with less, spark all kinds of feelings, and build a real bond with your viewers. They’re also engagement magnets, getting more comments, shares, and follows, which means more people remember you and what you’re selling.

Use paid advertising wisely

While organic reach is crucial, paid advertising can amplify your efforts, especially when targeting specific demographics. Most social platforms offer ad services that can be tailored to your budget and objectives. Wondering what platform to advertise on? Read our latest blog on what platforms you should be using to advertise your business

Monitor and adjust

Monitoring social media performance on a monthly basis is pivotal for any brand or business seeking to maximise its online impact and return on investment. At its core, social media is a dynamic ecosystem, constantly evolving in response to trends, algorithm changes, and user behaviors. Here’s how to do it:

  • Understand trends over time – monthly reviews can offer a comprehensive snapshot of performance, highlighting patterns and trends that might not be apparent in shorter intervals. This helps businesses anticipate and align with what’s coming next.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses – examine key metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. From there, brands can pinpoint which content resonates best with their audience and which falls flat. This knowledge informs future content creation, ensuring it’s both relevant and effective.
  • Optimise ROI – by regularly tracking performance, businesses can ensure that they’re getting the best bang for their buck, reallocating resources and budget to strategies that yield the highest returns.
  • Use social media reporting tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or Sprout Social. They offer in-depth analysis, taking the guesswork out of performance evaluation. These platforms provide clarity on key performance indicators, allowing brands to dive deep into data, extract actionable insights, and refine their strategies with precision.
  • Consistent messaging is key – as it fosters brand trust and loyalty. By monitoring performance, brands can ensure that their voice remains consistent across posts, even while adjusting strategies.
  • Monthly analytics can also shed light on audience feedback and sentiment. This engagement data can inform businesses about their audience’s preferences, concerns, and expectations, fostering a more symbiotic relationship.

In essence, monthly monitoring of social media performance isn’t just about collecting data; it’s about deriving insights from that data. It’s a proactive approach, ensuring that businesses remain not just reactive but ahead of the curve, capitalising on opportunities, and mitigating challenges. In a space as dynamic as social media, the brands that consistently monitor, learn, and adjust are the ones that thrive.

Stay updated

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. New platforms emerge, and algorithms change. Regularly update your knowledge and be prepared to tweak your strategy when necessary. Top tip – sign up to Digital 24’s weekly newsletter for up to date tips!

Educate your team

Whether you have a dedicated social media team or are a solo entrepreneur, ensure that everyone involved understands the strategy, brand voice, and objectives. Regular workshops or training sessions can keep everyone on the same page.


Creating a robust social media strategy may seem daunting, but by following these steps and regularly reviewing your approach, you’ll be well on your way to social media success. Remember, the digital world rewards those who are authentic, consistent, and responsive. Your audience is out there; a solid strategy is just the bridge to connect with them.

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